Should I Carry Liability Insurance for My Horse?

It might seem odd to consider purchasing a liability policy for your horse, but there are times it can come in handy to protect from unexpected expenses. Horses are large animals and can easily cause injury and property damage without meaning to. Below are a few examples of why you need to carry this type of insurance.

equine liability insurance

Stable Operations

If you own and operate a stable, having a liability insurance policy on horses is a sound business decision. Horses have a mind of their own and can be unpredictable at times. Accidents and injuries can happen and liability coverage lets you breathe a little easier about the possibility of litigation regarding an injured rider. You can do everything right in matching what seems to be the perfect horse with the perfect rider and things can still happen.

Horse Boarding

It can tough having to house your horse in a boarding facility. You may get busy and not be able to check on your horse for days at a time. You do not want to get the call one day that says your horse has caused an injury or some type of property damage. Liability insurance will help cover the costs involved.

Horse Training

Bringing in a qualified person to train your horse can also hold a few elements of danger. Horses do not always automatically enjoy the company of strangers. It is compounded at times by frustration at having to learn to do new things and take direction from someone they do not know. Trainers can get bucked off the saddle, kicked, or any number of incidences happen that lead to bodily injury.

Property Damage

Horses can get spooked and end up in situations where property is damaged. They can get loose, end up on a neighbors property and destroy a garden, break a fence, damage a car, and more. Carrying liability coverage will relieve you of some of the expenses in making things right with the owners of property damaged by your horse.

Injury Protection

You should carry liability insurance, even if you are the only person riding the horse. You may have visitors stop by and they end up with a foot getting stepped on, or accidentally pushed into a fence. Stay financially protected.

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