Sexy Hacker Threatens Security Companies Wear High Heels

Efforts by hackers to carry out its activities appear to be increasingly difficult to track. If the hacker usually work through a computer network, and indirect, but one expert technology referred to as this SexyCyborg want to dismiss that view.

sexy hackers

Through pictures he posted on Imgur, SexyCyborg shows that hackers can perform activities directly and is unlikely to be known.

With a pair of high heels that has been equipped with advanced equipment to conduct its activities. SexyCyborg claims that he can log on to threaten the security of the target.

Mode planned by SexyCyborg is by tricking the victim to get into the office or the headquarters of the target. Then he can begin issuing the tools of her high heels to start attacking these targets.

SexyCyborg revealed that he had studied the security system in some facilities. According to him, with a carry bag makes it easier suspected plus now some facilities require entrust phone at its entrance.

However, by using his high heels that she could enter easily without arousing suspicion. Especially if the clothes are used in accordance with the action.

SexyCyborg admitted that he came from the same place with the birth of Bruce Lee is Foshan. The area is also a trick birthplace of kung-fu ‘kick without shadow’.

Technique is what inspires SexyCyborg for designing these shoes. By distract their victims, they did not realize that he has something dangerous in his leg.

SexyCyborg high heels is equipped with a USB keylogger, which can be connected to a computer and record any contents including passwords and other sensitive information. Plus a pen that can be connected to the network to allow it to control remotely.

Even so, it is unknown whether he is really a man of qualified technological capabilities. Moreover SexyCybor not want to give him further information, including your real name and age.