Send Money Via Gmail How easy Sends Pictures

Google as the search engine giant in the world is now conducting a recent innovation, with the Google Wallet card is a Google application services that serve as a platform to make payments easily through a phone is included in an electronic message that his Gmail.

an easy way to send money with Gmail

Send money and receive money can be done in Gmail, the delivery was quite easy and the same as sending a picture. Users simply press the “£” or “$” are contained in the email editor post, will automatically pop up a form to be filled in accordance with the nominal money will you send, then do not forget to add your email address shipping destination.

Recipients of money sent through Gmail not only for google users alone, but for users of other similar services such as Yahoo Mail and Microsoft Outlook also can receive money as long as the user has a Google Wallet.

Google users can make free money transfer is if age has reached 18 years. Unfortunately, these services do not apply to everyone, for the time being can only be used in the US and UK alone.

Each sending or receiving, the user will automatically receive instant notification message from ponsel.Google Wallet can be rubbed in millions of MasterCard locations, or use it to withdraw cash from an ATM.