“SD Card” World’s Largest Capacity

SanDisk made the breakthrough in the form of SD card storage cards with capacities that has never been achieved so far, 512 gigabytes (GB). SD card is now the largest capacity storage cards.


SanDisk will sell the storage card with a tag of 800 US dollars. The storage card is intended for the videographer who recorded the video format 4K (four times Full HD).

4K file does require extensive storage space, depending on the compression used. However, 4K video files duration of one minute usually takes up to 5 GB of space.

“4K Ultra HD is an example of technology that led us to create a solution with large capacity storage,” said Dinesh Bahal, VP Product Marketing SanDisk.

With a capacity of 512 GB, then the SanDisk card can be used to store video files 4K duration of 30 minutes, depending on the type of camera used.

The launch of the card with the largest storage capacity in the world coincided with a moment of 10 years since the launch SanDisk SD card 512 megabytes (MB).

Format SD card format is currently the most widely used storage as a standard flash-based storage. These cards are popular used in digital cameras, camcorders, or other mobile device.