Razer Launches Chat App for Pokemon Go

Two weeks have passed since it was first released Pokemon Go to the three countries, namely Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

Chat App for Pokemon Go

Since then, countries in Europe was finally able to enjoy the games made by Niantic as a developer of games.

However, despite the booming worldwide games, Pokemon Go also has several deficiencies are quite “fatal” the chat feature, which can be used to communicate with the players one team or another trainer.

It seems to be changing. Razer launches chat application for Pokemon Go player.

Given the name RazerGo, the application is made directly by Razer without anything to do with Nintendo, Niantic Labs or The Pokemon Company.

Connect directly into Pokemon Go, in RazerGo you can see and talk with Pokemon trainer who is in a certain radius.
RazerGo, application chats to the trainer in the Pokemon Go.

Currently RazerGo only displays three modes namely public chat, team, and whispered. Razer promises new features with the release of this application formally.

RazerGo will now begin to be enjoyed on Android and iOS tomorrow.