PS1 Games Can be Played with LG Smart Watches G Watch

Technology smart watches today demonstrate the potential use of very large. After some time ago Samsung smart watches Gear Live can be shown running OS Windows 95 and play Game Boy, so now there are other smart watches that can do no less sophisticated.

The smart watches is the LG G Watch which is shown by a YouTube user with an account named EpicLPer. In the video duration is 2 minutes 31 seconds, smart watches that use the OS is shown WAndroid Wear can play PS1 games Croc.

How that is done by this EpicLPer was not much different to that done by Corbin Davenport with Gear Live hers. In the video, EpicLPer shows that he uses the application PS1 emulator ePSXe. And these applications also work well, at least in the video.

LG G Watch R is a smart watches that use the 400 single-core Snapdragon processor 1.2 GHz and accompanied by 512MB of RAM. This watch has a 4GB internal memory and GPU Adreno 305. And those specifications was good enough to play PS1 games, PS1 is the first game console that uses 33,9MHz RISC CPU with 2GB of RAM and GPU 1MP.