Proper Signage To Ease The Burden Of Wayfinding

The term “wayfinding” isn’t familiar to a good number of healthcare patients but it’s a term few healthcare workers aren’t familiar with. Patients know what wayfinding is, of course, but they might not have heard it called that. To simplify the definition, let’s just say that wayfinding is what it sounds like. When you get to a hospital, you need to find your way and you need to find it quickly. Patients are in a state of anxiety and often confusion when they come to the hospital, so it’s critical that they are able to find their way to the part of the hospital that they need to get to. In some cases, ineffective wayfinding signage can mean horrible consequences, such as a family member not making it up to a room in time to say goodbye to a loved one.

proper signage

The issue of wayfinding

Signage at a hospital is one of the most critical parts of its design. Patients need to be able to find rooms, parking areas, and waiting rooms in order to properly care for loved ones who are in the hospital. Personnel needs to have proper signage as well, otherwise they might not be able to quickly get a patient to the area they need to be in for care. In the worst case scenarios, signage can be a matter of life or death.

Wayfinding in healthcare has been a big topic of conversation for years. Some hospitals feel that their wayfinding signage could be a LOT better, and using research on the subject and taking in patient feedback, they’ve been able to come up with better ways to use their signs to great effect. Patients are often bewildered and stressed when they reach the hospital parking lot, so it’s vital that they have highly visible and accurate signs.

Wayfinding will likely be a subject of debate for years to come. Signage companies go to great lengths to use all the research at their disposal to make signs that are clear, engaging, and accurate to the people who must travel the parking lots and hallways of a hospital. Signage at a hospital is an incredibly important subject and sign companies who work for hospitals will inevitably continue to improve their wayfinding signage now and in the years to come, thanks to patient feedback and hospital research.