Prize $ 150 thousand for the breaker Pentagon Security Systems

US Department of Defense (US) has just announced a competition for hackers (hackers) to find vulnerabilities in the security system of the organization. Program titled debut Hack the Pentagon began on April 18 and ends on May 12.


Pentagon prepared a gift of US $ 150 thousand for hackers who managed to find the gap. However, the Pentagon also apply a number of criteria for hackers who want to participate in this competition.

Hackers must have a US social security number, willing to work in the United States, and agree to a criminal background check to receive a prize from this competition.

“This initiative will put cyber security department to experiment with innovative ways, but it is responsible,” said US Defense Secretary Ash Carter.

Carter also hopes the hackers who enter the competition to spend his best.

This is the first time the bug search programs that run the United States government. Previously, some companies, such as Facebook and Google, also uses a similar method to find security holes or bugs in the program.

In this pilot project the US Defense Department also took HackerOne security platform. HackerOne CEO Marten Mickos said that this program can be a best practice for any organization to test and improve its security system.