Power of Mind now Can Be Used to Control the Google Smart Glasses

A very interesting discovery was recently presented to the public. The invention is an open source application called MindRDR name. The sophistication of this application is its ability to regulate the Google Glass smart Glasses enough to harness the power of the mind.

Smart glasses Google Glass

Then how this application can do that? To be able to put the power of thought and further controls the Google Glass, you are required to wear the EEG of NeuroSky biosensor as an enhancement. Furthermore, MindRDR application will serve to bridge the two electronic devices.

This application will serve to translate brain activity data captured by EEG sensors into commands for Google Glass. Unfortunately, the current command abilities that can be done is limited only to take a photo and then upload the photo to Facebook or Twitter.

But do not rule out the possibility that in the future, the ability of these applications will continue to increase. Especially if it would later be able to utilize this technology to be able to use telekinesis abilities when playing the game.