Pewdiepie Prepare Channel New Game

Youtuber famous shrewdness in playing games, Pewdiepie will expand his business empire. Latest project will show something different than usual.

pewdiepie youtuber

Digital star, whose real name PewDiePie make the channel “Revelmode” with the cooperation of the Disney studio. Reputation in Youtube with 41.5 million followers reached him elected in this project.

“He is a real talent, a great partner and a hero of the digital world. We are confident his vision in Revelmode will make this project a success,” said Courtney Holt, vice president of Disney Games.

Revelmode will be available on various video platforms like Youtube and Facebook. Content itself will load about game development, philanthropic activities and commercial cooperation.

“I started from a hobby of playing games and now become a promising profession. The idea of ​​Revelmode built on the basis of my vision to present something different,” said Felix.