Oreo Introduce 3D Printer Can Produce Products with Different Options Sense

3D printer technology today is booming. Company of Oreo did not want to miss in the use of the 3D printer technology. They were just showing off a new device called Trending Vending Machine wearing 3D printer technology.

Printer 3D Oreo

Then, the potential of what is owned by the Trending Vending Machine? This device is unique and will be the main attraction for the lovers of Oreo. With these devices, consumers can get Oreo with different types of flavors and colors.

3D printer engine is made by a company called MAYA Design. This machine is made with the intention to be able to make an oreo cake in an easy way and utilize touch screen technology. Furthermore, various types of flavors oreo cake can be made with the machine. Oreo was using social media Twitter to determine the flavor and color combinations like what would be produced by the 3D printer.

This machine was certainly provides convenience and comfort for connoisseurs oreo. We live determines the flavor and color of the desired oreo and sat waiting until the cake has finished. Moreover, these printers are made by utilizing social media.