Ordering Dated Material Related to Your Profession and Practice

The dental industry is always growing and changing. While you keep abreast of the latest news by reading the most recent professional trade publications, you may need to refresh your memory about historical news related to your job on occasion. When you have tossed away or recycled back issues of these magazines, you may still find the editions you want by search for and ordering them online. The website may offer the back issue of the Journal of Dentistry, trade magazines, and other publications that you want to read to refresh your memory.


Going Back in Publication Time

The website is set up so that you can review back issues of these publications at your leisure. It makes available up to two years’ worth of back issues on its landing page. You can click on the picture of the journal for which you search and download and read it online.

If you cannot find the one that you want on the landing page, you can use the search option at the top of the website. You may search according to the date or the keywords of the article for which you are looking. The search option may lead you to the journal that you want to re-read.

You can also search by the name of the author of the article that you want to review. If you remember the author’s name, you can enter the last and then first name into the search field. The website will then offer you that publication if it is available.

New Publications

Along with searching for and reading back issues, you might want to read the newest editions of the journal as well. The website offers you a list of journal titles and articles of the newest magazines on the right side of the page. You can click on the article or title that you want to read online.

To read any back or new edition, you must subscribe the journal first. If you are a new subscriber or if you have let your subscription expire, you can sign up again by clicking on the subscription link on the website. The subscription is free.

While the latest news definitely impacts your profession, historical details also play a role in caring for patients. You can review important information and find dated issues of the trade journals by searching on the website today.