Opening A Food Kiosk In A Mall

If you enjoy working by yourself and having the freedom to move your business whenever you want, then consider a food court kiosk. One of the benefits of this kind of kiosk is that you can place casters on the bottom of the cart so that you can move through the mall or to another location in the city if you aren’t seeing the business that you desire.

Food Kiosk

The first thing that you need to do is determine the kind of food that you will sell. It could be one type of cuisine, such as sandwiches or Mexican food, or you could offer a variety of items. No matter what kind of food that you serve, make sure you know how to prepare the items in a manner that is appealing in appearance and flavor. If you aren’t able to prepare the foods that you want to serve, consider hiring someone else who can help so that each of you can work on the menu and the foods that are offered.

Look at various malls in the area to see which location is the busiest. If there aren’t enough people who come through the area, then you won’t have the number of people to stop by your kiosk in order to make purchases. Avoid setting up in a mall where there is a lot of competition when it comes to other kiosks and restaurants. However, you should find a location where there are a few other restaurants as shoppers will want a variety of foods to choose from while they are in the mall.

You will need special permits in order to begin your kiosk business. Find out from the city and county, as well as the mall, exactly what you need in order to get started. Since you aren’t opening a storefront, then the requirements likely won’t be as strict. Find out from the mall if you have to sign any kind of lease since you aren’t taking up as much space and since you have the ability to move a little easier than if you were working in a large store.