Not Aware Hacked? Here’s How to Know Google Account hacked by hackers

Gooligan malware attacks (a blend of Google and the Hooligan) are targeting Android devices, has infected millions of Google account. Android devices affected by this Gooligan malware increased by 13,000 users per day.


According to studies conducted Check Point, Gooligan usually aiming device that runs on Android 4 (Jelly Bean and Kitkat) and Android 5 (Lollipop).

Worse, Gooligan infection spread through third-party applications in the app store and a link to a short message phishing to steal personal information.

In addition, infection Gooligan will create software tools to steal the token downloads on Google Play, Gmail, Google Drive, and other programs without the knowledge of the users.

Certainly as mobile device users, we must always be careful waspadi and if this happens. However, to be sure, you can find out for yourself whether your account is ever hacked or not.

1. You can check yourself in Check Point’s website.

2. Then, enter your email and the system will release the results whether your account is ever compromised or not.

3. Check the blog posting on the site Check Point to find out the list of infected applications Gooligan. Who knows, this application is among the applications that you install.

4. If it is true your account hacked, do not panic. Try to wipe your account on your Android device and do a clean install or methods of installing the operating system (OS) which will erase the data on the partition to be a place to install the OS.

5. Finally, change your Google account password on the device you use.