Noke, Advanced Electronic Lock Can Be Opened Only by Using Smartphone

Is not a day longer use the traditional padlock key wear. In an age of modern all this time, a lock that can be opened by using a smartphone would be more appropriate. For this one, introducing an electronic padlock named Noke.

Sophisticated Electronic Padlock Noke

Noke, padlock the name is taken from the pronunciation of the word No-key and made by Fuz Design. In contrast to conventional padlock, Noke can be opened using Bluetooth connectivity on smartphones. And, the Fuz also claims that Noke became the first Bluetooth padlock in the world.

This lock can be opened by using a smartphone that has previously been authorized. Not only that, regarding security issues, each key was given a unique name. Access keys can also be given to other smartphone users to use iOS or Android app.

The use of an electronic lock is also claimed to provide a simpler way to secure valuables. Moreover, you can open the lock without having to bother with a key. With the attractive design, Noke now also present in crowdfunding on Kickstarter website. And with the attractive design, the project Noke is also easily reached the target of 100 thousand USD.