No Longer Just A Social Media, Snapchat Officially Change Name

Snapchat better known as social networking applications to share a picture or video recently changed its identity. Based on the latest report from the Wall Street Journal, identity change was made because there is a new field that occupied the company.


Citing information from the page Business Insider, Snapchat has officially changed the name of his company to Snap Inc.

According Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, the name was more suitable to the corporate image is now no longer just a social application. One reason is that the company has penetrated new areas of production, namely the smart glasses.

After rumored for a long time, Snapchat finally introduced hardware that is named Spectacles.

Glasses are priced at US $ 129 it will be the first hardware Snapchat is released to the public.

The presence of a device called a strong reason Snapchat choose to change the company’s name at this time. Spectacles itself is glasses that can be used to record video for 10 seconds with a 115-degree lens-angle. The specification is called making capabilities of this lens is closer to the human eye than traditional cameras.

These glasses will record video in circular format, instead of the box like format in general. Videos can then be sent directly to the smartphone wirelessly, and can be shared with others via Snapchat.

There are three color choices are available for these glasses, namely black, teal and coral. Although he has spent many years developing Spectacles, goggles Spiegel just call it as a toy.

“We chose a gradual approach to start launch (Spectacles),” said Miranda Kerr’s fiance. The measures have to determine whether the device is compatible with the life of people and see the response.