Mozilla Launches Firefox Hello Means Video Calling

Different ways to do video calling today could be easily obtained. Whether it’s using a mobile device or desktop. And this time, Mozilla did not want to miss by providing the means of video chatting the named Firefox Hello.

firefox hello

This new feature brought by Mozilla as one of the tools that exist in Firefox 35. And to do video calling is also very simple. Because there is no need plug-ins, enhancements or even do not need to register a particular account. You do this just click the icon Hello and subsequently was able to carry on a conversation.

So how to get connected with someone who wants to be invited to communication? Easy turns. We only stayed allot link to the person. And once the link is clicked, the communication can be directly carried out. Provided that both parties also using a browser that supports WebRT and has a camera and a microphone.

And although there is no account should be taken, this feature also saves Firefox Hello chat history has ever done. And link to have a conversation can also be used on other days if both parties are equally pressing a button. Very interesting is not it?