Miitomo, Gim’s first mobile Nintendo

Nintendo’s first mobile Gim entitled Miitomo finally officially released to the users iTunes Store and Google Play.


However, do not get too excited yet, because the current Miitomo can only be enjoyed by users of iOS and Android in Japan or who have ID Japan. For your information, Miitomo is Nintendo’s first mobile games.

Although initially reluctant to release Nintendo games for mobile devices, they finally decided to enter the yield for emerging industries in this rapidly.

To debut in the mobile platform, Nintendo collaboration with DeNA to the development of their games-games on this platform.

Miitomo is one of many games titles to be released by Nintendo with social content. Players will be asked to create a character (avatar) based on the appearance and personality of the characters in the games. They will be paired with other players to interact with each other.

Players can also customize character with a wide selection of clothing and accessories – it seems to be a lot of young players who are interested.

Some reviewers who are trying Miitomo found these games seem a little strange, but still thick with the style of Nintendo games-games. Related Miitomo release date is international, Nintendo plans to release Miitomo in April 2016.