Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint collaboration easy and fast

For those of you who are unfamiliar about Microsoft Office 365, this is one of the new products from Microsoft. Microsoft Office 365 is well suited to use for business class.

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Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint

There are four major components of Microsoft’s Office 365. The first is Microsoft Office, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Lync Online. All four components are managed by hosted in Microsoft data centers. Of the four components above, will discuss more about Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint tasked to manage documents while collaborating with other colleagues.

How it Works Microsoft Office 365

By using Microsoft Office 365, you do not need to pay a monthly fee for some users. It is certainly cheaper than you should lease or manage the server. Office 365 is available on a wide selection of packages offered.

Each of the first to sign up first is the administrator. After that, the person can add some new users. Added new user can have different access levels.

Will be made new email accounts password for users to login to the portal information Microsoft Office 365. If you want to share files, collaboration, instant messaging or video conferencing HD to online meetings, you can do so by using Lync Online.

Users can log in and enter a password (preferably modified) to log in the first time. After that the user can use the standard Microsoft applications and of course some features such as Lync Online. One thing that distinguishes Microsoft Office 365 with Microsoft earlier or another, this is the Office 365 cloud-based technology wearing or better known as the Cloud. This technology can work from anywhere and with any device. However you can also work offline using the desktop version of Office.

Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint

Online SharePoint technology allows users to collaborate better which serves as a place for storage of various documents. But some who consider Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint is a workflow engine that is used to automate routine tasks performed every day. Indeed, Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint has a meaning and functionality is much broader. In this case the Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint does not compare to a suite of applications like Microsoft Office application in which consists of Ms Excel, Ms PowerPoint, Ms Access, etc. Microsoft Share Point over or application into the program. This application is a web-based platform where you can use it as a powerful collaboration tool. Additionally, Share Point can also be used as a platform / foundation to solve many problems in your business.

The role of Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint

When you open a web, then automatically Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint will create a group for that site at once set access permissions necessary for the group. Obviously if you have a role as an administrator, you can add custom groups in accordance with the needs of your organization. Later, Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint group can not only be used individually, but with a group or set of users. To use it, you (the administrator) can set the permissions of your group. There are several levels of permissions will determine to what degree the user owns. So, you can control whether the user can only see or change even manage the site. Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint will automatically assign several default permission levels.

Creating and Saving Documents in SharePoint

With Microsoft Office 365, you also have access to the web version of Office (Office Online) do not need to install on your desktop. Do I go to the site you want, and select Document. After the document, select the File> New Document> to create a new document. If you want to maximize the functionality of a desktop click Open Word In Word that existed at the top right of the screen and the document will open in Word version of the desktop application. For more detailed information please visit the website