Meaning Behind the Name “Samsung”

Long before the tech giant Samsung emerged as the company started life in 1938 by making noodles and dried seafood sellers.

The word “Samsung” which in Korean means “three stars” deliberately chosen by the founder, Lee Byung-chull. She aspires to build the company into a major and enduring as the stars in the sky.

samsung logo

So why three stars, not two or four? The reason is the number “3” in Korea meaningful as a symbol or representation of something big and powerful.

Samsung company logo was originally also included the number “3” is literally an image of three stars.

The name “Samsung” appears in the Latin alphabet in 1969, when the company’s country of origin Ginseng it changed its name to Samsung Electronics and began expanding into the field of electronics to produce a tape recorder as well as black and white TV.

Current logo of Samsung -with elliptical shape slightly tilted blue and white text on a new defined as a company logo in 1993, under new management initiatives Lee Kun-hee.

Lee is a character who directs Samsung in order to begin to focus on developing business in the realm of mobile phones, having started making mobile phones in 1988.

In recent years, thanks to the support of the Android operating system that is widely accepted in society, the prestige of Samsung skyrocketed as one of the largest smart phone manufacturer in the world.

Samsung also expanded product line, including smart watches to virtual reality headset. Company name “three stars” who used to struggle with noodles and dried foods that are now sound familiar to fans of mobile technology and gadgets.