Many Fake News, Google Change View Search Results

The criticism against the presence of false news on his platform, make Google change its search engine in the display. Internet giants are now no longer displays the section ‘In the news’ in search results on the desktop.


For information, the ‘In the news’ is a collection of specific search results usually taken from news websites. Consequently, when the search results further exploration, users will be directed to Google News.

This time, the feature will be replaced with a model carousel ‘Top Stories’ as it appears in Google’s search results on the mobile version. According to anonymous sources, this decision has been planned for a long time.

The elimination of this feature is expected to help users distinguish two Google products. So, there is a clear line between search engine Google with Google News.

The display changes already started rolling by Google. When performing a search on a particular keyword, the feature ‘In the news’ that is usually present in the initial sequence of the search has been replaced by ‘Top Stories’.

Google search results display on the desktop is no longer displays the section ‘In the news’ but ‘Top Stories’.

These changes are touted not free from errors that occur during elections the United States some time ago. When the feature ‘In the news’ on the top search results turned out to show a hoax.

The first order of search results in the ‘In the news’ is filled by a blog under the name ’70 News’. The news says that Donald Trump wins the US election by a margin of nearly 700 thousand.

But the news was in fact not true. As a result, the pressure on Google for not displaying any false news continued to strengthen from the public. The same thing actually happened on Facebook.

For information, the system features ‘In the news’ is a little different than Google News. Although these features to show news results, remain the same algorithms used by the search engine Google in general.

As is known, the search results Google Search can not tell the search results is a fact or not. Therefore, in contrast to Google News that the source is first approved by the review team, Google Search results are usually filter out all the information on the internet.