Managing and Maintaining a Safe Warehouse Floor

As shipping items becomes more prevalent in the Internet age, many businesses are turning their offices into huge warehouses. These companies no longer need to have a massive showroom floor because most of the business occurs in the shipping area. Learn how to manage and maintain a safe warehouse floor so that Internet orders can fly off of the shelves.

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Clearing the Aisles

Warehouse safety begins with simplicity. It’s critical to keep warehouse aisles clear, especially if these areas are constantly being accessed. Forklifts and people on foot might enter each aisle every hour. If a box or inventory item is misplaced, it can trip people or damage machinery passing by. Every morning, a warehouse supervisor should verify that the aisles are clear. Employees must keep an open dialogue with their supervisors if these areas become blocked at any time. Misplaced inventory can be a physical hazard along with a financial loss.

Organizing With Digital Solutions

With hundreds of items in one warehouse alone, losing any inventory is possible on a daily basis. Consider an investment in stock management software. You’ll know where each item is located, the quantity on hand and any pending orders from the manufacturer. One screenshot gives you all of this information, which makes it a productive tool as well. Both new and senior-level employees can know exactly where everything is without wasting time with a physical search. Both customers and vendors will appreciate a business’s organization with current software running the warehouse.

Servicing the Machinery

Large warehouses require certain machines so that the area remains productive. From pallet jacks to forklifts, every machine needs a regular maintenance schedule. Maintaining the items after work hours ensures that the warehouse can stay productive without any unexpected delays. A broken-down machine during a busy shipping day can cost money and potentially affect customer perceptions. Pull the machines regularly from the floor so that they can be serviced according to an official schedule.

Communicating With Employees

Every business needs a consistent and effective way of communicating with the employees. A weekly or monthly meeting might be in order so that management can explain any concerns on the warehouse floor. Altered protocols, discrepancies and other issues should be part of the discussion. Everyone must be updated on this information so that the warehouse and inventory remain as a safe space. Encourage employees to speak up if they encounter an issue as well.

Updating any inventory software is critical as time wears on. These updates will keep your items accurately counted with few chances at a malfunction due to hacking or other security issue. Keeping track of your inventory will only benefit your bottom line over time.