Lego Robot Run with Windows 8.1 and Intel Quark

Robot technology that currently exists is indeed very wide range, and increasingly sophisticated. A new robot prototype was built based on Intel Galileo project is one of them. The robot is built using Lego and comes with the Windows 8.1 operating system.

lego robot windows 8.1

This robot is equipped with two motors LEGO XL, L298P DFRduino shield the motor, converter step-down DC-DC, Sparkfun IMU Fusion board and 8.4V battery. The system also uses Quark low power Intel processor designed for embedded systems. This sophisticated robot was actually built for a Linux system. However, Microsoft has its own UEFI firmware installed on the device Galileo.

Although built with minimal system, does not mean that this robot has limited capabilities. Armed with Intel on board Galileo this robot, the robot was already equipped with Bluetooth connectivity that allows it to be controlled remotely.