LED table lamp TULIP Innovative From ADATA

Need torch sophisticated to support your daily activities in the office / home? If so, the presence of LED table lamp TULIP latest flagship of ADATA’s possible you can make as an alternative choice.

TULIP LED desk lamp

Through his native country, namely Taiwan, ADATA ™ Lighting which is one of the subsidiaries of the Group is reportedly ADATA has just officially released its newest flagship products such as advanced torch LED desk lamp TULIP on January 21, 2014 last.

Comes with natural minimalist design and innovative concept that it has, LED desk lamp is able to present a practical and beautiful lighting solution that combines the use of security elements with energy efficiency. Moreover, thanks to the support of an 8-watt LED that ability can replace a 21-watt regular bulbs, table lamp TULIP is capable of providing illumination (consistent and flicker-free for 40,000 hours or more) of 1000 Lux without the presence of ultra-violet radiation is dangerous and even also can save energy up to 60% of the use of ordinary light bulbs in general.

And for setting the lamp light itself, can be easily optimized as desired via color-coded touch keys that are sensitive to the presence of selection intensity of 100%, 80%, and 60% are respectively represented by indicators of pink, purple and blue.

Not only that, TULIP LED desk lamp can also be used as lighting at night through the light beam is fairly stable and quite warm the atmosphere.

Available in two colors white-blue and white-silver, LED table lamp TULIP it will soon be available through a few selected retailers and distributors. As for consumers who buy, are also available for 2 year warranty as an after-sales guarantee.