Latest Tips Feature Android Lollipop

Lollipop Android is the latest Android operating system that makes it easy for you to operate the latest smartphone. Although some gadgets do not support the Android Lollipop, but already there are many smartphone operating system.

android lollipop

Lollipop Android operating system may still lay for you who already use a version of Android Jelly Bean or KitKat. Lollipop for Android OS has several new features that the possibility of users do not know it. Here are some tips on the latest features in Android Lollipop namely:

Know Cause of battery Out

Smartphone battery was dominant with fairly high vacuum, for super fast performance and a lot of applications that are played at the same time. Now the Android Lollipop know you can check your battery will be able to survive how long and what absorbs high enough battery power. Look in the Quick Settings menu, select the battery icon, and you will know what are the causes battery quickly exhausted and any application that caused it all.

Lock screen with face identification

Smartphones need for keys on the screen and in the Lollipop Android-based smartphones have started supporting the face detection feature for locking. You simply set the menu Settings – Security – Smart Lock, then you will go for the identification of your face, keep in a state of light. If you fail unlock with identification of the owner’s face, then you as the user enters a code to unlock the smartphone.


You as a user of Android Lollipop certainly remain focused to explore the latest features even though you’ve never held a version of Android under the Lollipop. Smartphone with Android OS Lollipop capable as a tool flashlight if necessary, how to pressing the Quick Settings – activate the camera flash and you can use it as a flashlight.

Notifications can be Disable

All gadgets are sure to notice when there is news that a quick response, but for smartphone Android OS Lollipop able to disable notification or notifications way into the settings menu – Sound & notification – App notifications, hereinafter you can block notifications on the application that you want to unblock it.

That’s a new feature for Android OS Lollipop, I hope this information is enough to help you as a Lollipop latest Android users, so there is no doubt in using the Lollipop Android smartphone.