It’s good and bad effects of social media for your life

When considering a few decades ago, social media is still not as popular as it is today. Even its existence was unthinkable by the public. Conditions change with the development of technology, which creates sites like Friendster and MySpace community can socialize with each other.

social media

After that there are so many social media are popping up, like us Facebook. Of course, the existence of social media has its own pros and cons because its features are more diverse.

As a complement modern lifestyles, social media changed the course of human life in everyday life, in the form of positive and negative.

Here is how social media transform human life:

5 positive change

1. Quick access information

Want to know the news and issues of the celebrities or the existence of a conflict, you just stay open internet and find it for themselves.

Social media also helps to expand the content as a whole. With the writing on the blog, writing unbiased feedback about a news, then your outlook will be more extensive.

2. Connections easier

Very difficult to contact someone when the means of communication is still limited. But after emerging digital era, you just need to leave a message on social media when someone does not answer the call.

Moreover, on several social media, you can tell if someone is online or offline.

3. Connect globally

If you remember, voiced the opinion will be very difficult because the only option is to send it in the newspaper, and compete with thousands of people whose voices also want to be published.

In the era of social media, you can split anything they want. When you pull your writing could even spread to other parts of the world.

4. Hastag

One of the features of social media from Twitter that eventually infecting others is a sign of social media hashtag. This feature filter out everything that is related to the trend, event, or topic. Signs tagar allow a more focused conversation and get rid of other things that are not related.

Now, mark the hashtag became a phenomenon in itself. Some people use it just as a keyword for social media, such as instagram, so pictures can fit into a particular keyword.

5. Expanding business network

A small company can achieve global reach in a few days through social media. Whether it’s through an interesting video or share opinions. You can share the concept of a business so that people are more interested to know the business.

Then what negative impact?

5 Changes Negative

1. Excessive Selfie

Excessive Selfie would be very frustrating, especially selfie done at the wrong time, for example, while there is a disaster.

In addition, selfie also shut down your communication skills. If you want to photograph yourself with a nice view, you certainly can get someone.

2. The argument does not mean

Social media became a place of debate endlessly especially when it comes to political, religious or personal area.

In fact, the belief system is a sensitive issue, and among every people is not necessarily the same. This obviously led to disputes.

3. Make You coward

Although privacy increasingly disturbed since there is internet, but the media is also a place to hide those who commit acts nosy.

When viewed unwelcome but dare not express it using real identity, you simply create a new account under a false identity. Being anonymous indicates that you are a coward.

4. Lots of talk, little action

Social media could also be as a venue for activists. A volunteer simply stayed participate in conducting post with the hashtag marks.

But it would be nice if there was a problem, there should be action to resolve them and not just a voice in social media.

For example when someone people bragging about the greenhouse effect. Action is taken, the better one? voiced only in social media or acts by directly planting trees.

5. Being cool

If there is something that contains a call, you just share it on social media. Without you knowing it, this hatred made the situation more murky.

Other people might be offended due to ignorance you post what you think is reasonable.