Instagram has a hidden filter feature, here’s how to turn

Social media was not foreign to our ears Instagram, especially for young people today. By sharing photos, social media makes it more memorable than the other social media. One more interesting of these is social media, their photo filters that can transform photos to upload more attractive.

logo instagram

But did you know it turns Instagram store hidden filter which we may never realize? Now we will reveal how to unlock the secrets filter that does not exist in the previous Instagram.

  • First, open the Instagram app, then choosing photos to upload. You can also take a direct object image through the camera of your smartphone.
  • After selecting a photo to upload, we will be taken on a varied menu selection filter. Well here is the key, which is to unlock the secrets of this filter you can simply shift the filter menu to the right corner to find the words “Manage” with logo gear or serrations.
  • Then we will be taken on the menu with a variety of filters that show variation, which we often use. Then scroll down until you find the name of the filter that is not checked alias checklist.
  • Well you can give a check and the checklist on all the filters, if you are finished select “Done” button. Or if you want to choose a majority filter can also, according to the taste alone.
  • Viola, you have opened the secret filter on Instagram app and can play around with the new filter.
  • This method can be tried on devices with iOS or Android operating system, so whatever his smartphone, this hidden filter can be displayed. Congratulations to create with your new filter.