Human Resources Solutions

The online timesheet portal from can provide human resources solutions for your business. The online software is designed to help companies streamline their timeline tracking, expenses, and invoicing. This helps you focus your time on other aspects of running your business. The software is devoted to helping you use data in a more streamlined and accurate way to help improve the day to day operations of your business. It also helps you communicate with your employer more efficiently.

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Time Tracking

By using this software, businesses can more easily track their employee’s hours on the job. One of the premier aspects of this software is how customizable it is. It can be adapted to track time for small businesses and big corporations. Timesheet portal can track hours, overtime, expenses, and even actions. Many companies utilize the software to track how many phone calls their employees are making a day, for example. The software can track both attendance and productivity in a streamlined manner. It does it all completely online. The software is cloud-based so there is no download required.

Track Availability

Tracking time-off requests, holidays, and things like maternity and paternity leave can be very confusing for managers and human resource professionals. This software makes it much easier for employees to submit their time-off requests and requests for leave. It also makes it much easier for businesses to communicate days off for holidays to their employees. Timesheet Portal is an online resource for companies like yours that wish to streamline the communications with employees. It creates less confusion in regards to scheduling.

Combines Data

This online software is also designed to sync date between all of your human resource software platforms. Human resource professionals can utilize this software to combine data from different sources about their employees and expenses. It is also an effective tool for software designed for recruitment.


The software is also completely customizable. It can be designed to fit any company no matter how large or how small. It can also be designed to fit your human resources operation specifically. There is an online calculator on the website that can help you get an estimate of what your monthly cost will be for the software. This cost is based on information like the size of your company and what you want to use the software for. There are no contracts. You can pay on a monthly basis as you go and stop using the software whenever you decide that its time. If you are interested, visit the website for more information on their human resources software solutions.