How to Use Google Map Without Internet

Lose internet connection while on the move can be frustrating. Especially when you rely on the map on the mobile application to let you know where you should go.

google maps

Problems like this can you anticipate using a map that can be used without an internet connection alias maps offline on Google Map. This feature lets you get directions and view points of the location you’re looking from an area without an internet connection.

Once an area is saved for offline access, users can search for destinations, gets every turn navigation and find information on destinations, such as operating hours, phone numbers, and rate without require an Internet connection.

But it is important to note that this offline map will expire later because Google must renew it to ensure its accuracy. To see the area that you saved and when the area is outdated, open Google Maps, tap the menu icon and select Offline areas.

Here are the steps to upload offline maps:

1. Install Google Maps on Android phone or iPhone. Make sure you’ve entered into your account google
2. Locate the area or city that you want to upload
3. Click the box to the bottom of the screen with just the name of the place you are looking for
4. Click the button labeled download.
5. Google will show a map of the area and ask if you want to download. Click the download again for confirmation.

But keep in mind, when running in offline mode, then Google Maps will not be able to display traffic information, congestion, accidents and so on. Besides downloading maps will also take most of the phone’s internal memory.