How to Spring Clean Your Home

After spending several months indoors during the winter season, many people want to freshen up their interior setting and allow it to feel clean again. The spring season is the perfect time to remove clutter and grime that has accumulated in each room of the home. When you want to spring clean your property, there are a few important tips to follow.

Vacum and coating technology

Purge the Home

Purge each bedroom in the home to remove excess clothing in the closets and accessories that haven’t been used for at least a year. Consider putting winter clothes in vacuum sealed bags under the bed to free up extra space in the closets. Toss out broken children’s toys or clothing that your kids have outgrown. Sell the items at a yard sale to earn extra money that can be put towards your seasonal activities. You can also sell items at a pawn shop to earn money for expensive products that are too valuable to donate.

Deep Clean the Carpets

The carpets can accumulate a significant amount of dirt and grime due to mud and dirt that is tracked indoors. Dust and particles can also settle into the fibers of the carpet and reduce the air quality of the home. Deep cleaning the carpet can make the floors look new again. You can also use advanced vacuum technology with HEPA vacuums to prevent the dirt from circulating back into the air.

Remove Grime in the Oven

From casseroles to pies, many dishes that are cooked can create small messes in the oven after spending the winter season baking warm items. Use a paste mixture of water and baking soda to remove dry spills and wipe the inside of the oven clean. You can also pour boiling water on the burnt splotches and scrub the food off with a steel wool.

Clean the Window Treatments

Freshen up the window treatments by throwing them in the washer machine or shaking them outside to remove dust. You can also wash your rugs, couch pillows, and bedding. Cleaning the materials can allow them to look new again and will also improve the air quality inside of the home.

You can enjoy spending more time in your house during the spring season by cleaning up the interior setting with a few steps that can be taken. By transforming the space, you can feel comfortable and liven up the environment for the warmer months ahead.