How to send email in the 1980s?

This time the email is not something foreign in our lives. Who would have thought, in 1984 ago to send email is not as easy as it is today.

send email

A video recorded in 1984 featuring a light show that is guided by a female presenter. The presenter has been linked to two people who use computers.

In the video titled “Database”, you can see how people lived in the 1980s to send and receive email.

Before you can send an email like this, one must first connect computers and telephones rotary (rotary phone) by making a call.

Subsequently then the internet on a computer accessible to send or receive email. The picture is certainly very different from the situation today is much easier to connect the device with an Internet connection.

The video shows a program called Micronet, an internet portal Gizmodo, the predecessor version of AOL.

Micronet when it has a number of features such as online games, magazines, messaging, news, software that can be downloaded, and do not miss, email.