How to Make Your Logging Company Safer

It is no secret that being a logger is a very dangerous profession. Many people have lost their lives doing this job over the years. That being the case, it is incredibly important for the owners of logging companies to make sure that their men and women are kept as safe as possible while they are working. There will always be unexpected situations that will arise. It is your job to be proactive and to try to anticipate the worst case scenario that your employees will encounter. Making sure they are ready for these situations could end up preventing a tragedy from happening. Here are some ways you can make your logging company safer.

climbing gear

1. Safety training

Ideally, the people you hire should already be thoroughly trained before they apply for a job at your company. Logging is definitely not a profession that you should learn while you are working. However, a person can never have too much safety training. You should set up your own rules and standards in terms of safety that all of your employees are required to follow. Those who do not comply will be subject to termination. Set up classes where your more experienced loggers will instruct your new employees regarding the safety rules they must follow.

2. Invest in the best equipment

It is not hard to understand how new equipment can drastically reduce the possibility of accidents and injuries while on a logging site. This is why you must periodically buy new pole climbing gear and other equipment to replace the old gear that has seen better days. This will benefit your company in a couple of ways. First, it will mean there is less of a chance that a piece of equipment will malfunction at a crucial time and cause a serious injury. It will also allow your employees to work more efficiently and finish jobs much faster. It will be harder to meet your deadline if your equipment keeps having difficulties during your project.

3. Work in pairs

It is dangerous to have your loggers work by themselves. You should not allow this to take place for even a few minutes. There is the potential for the person to get injured and require medical assistance. However, they will be in serious trouble if nobody else is around to hear them. This is why pairing up your loggers is essential to ensure the safety of your employees.