How to Make Twitter Verified Accounts

Like and actively use Twitter? Love it if tweet not seen followers. To be more credible, in fact there are several ways to make your Twitter followers can be more personal relationships, one of which is by asking Twitter to verify your account.

verified twitter

Yes, usually account Twitter verified only present on the user’s account from among celebrities, such as officials, actor or actress, a singer, an important figure, and several other well-known figures.

However, not long ago Twitter announced that anyone could have a verified account.

Now I will offer a way for those who want their account verified. Like what? The following are the steps.

First of all, you must remember that verified Twitter account is not as easy as you think. You have to ask “permission” on Twitter so that your account is reviewed in advance and can later be verified.

Ask the “Permit” to Twitter

After that, go to this link (page application form verification). In it, you have to confirm the user name is verified.

You will be required to apply for an account that is used. So, try signing in with a different account, if the account is active instead of the account to be verified. Click the “Continue” button when ready.

At this point, if you want to verify your company’s account, check the box below that says “Check here if this is a company or brand or organization account,”.

Fill out the form

Then, add information that has not had time you fill in your Twitter bio, such as the date and day of birth, telephone number, and so on.

You must enter at least two sites as a reference. In a sense, here you can provide examples of the involvement you’re writing something on other sites, such as news sites, sites you frequent, or evidence you affect to the public.

Underneath, you also need to write the reason why you need to get verified. Write grounds with short, dense and clear.

Then, click Next and Submit. Then your request will be submitted for review the Twitter. If you successfully verified, you will get an e-mail that you are officially verified.