How to Get the Most Out of a Reseller Program

Web host reseller programs can have great potential for generating revenue. However, there are ways to go beyond simply renting out digital real estate to those looking to build a website. Depending on your own abilities, you can take the system a bit further and make even more money.

Domain name

Dividing Up the Resources

One of the most important things to do in any reseller hosting account is knowing how to divide up the resources for clients. You only have a finite amount of web space and bandwidth to share among customers. Making the accounts too large will reduce how many clients you can have at one time. However, making the accounts too small can make them unattractive.

The best part about most reseller programs is that it doesn’t take much to upgrade the system. If you need more space and bandwidth, most hosts can easily increase the account.

Building Websites to Sell

A lot of people make a handsome living by developing websites that generate traffic for the sole purpose of selling them later. Depending on the niche and the amount of traffic the site experiences each month, a single domain has potential to sell for thousands of dollars. Usually, high volume sites are the ones that sell the best at auction.

Selling the site is only one part of the process, though. After the site is sold, you can then offer the buyer a low-cost hosting solution through your reseller account and generate a residual monthly income. This saves the buyer from having to transfer the site to his or her own hosting platform. As a result, you make a sale from the purchase as well as monthly payments for hosting.

Offer Content Writing

Another service you could offer customers is that of writing content. If you’ve developed the website to be sold, you may already have demonstrated you know how and what to write. As many site owners are often too busy to create content, you have potential to make more money by creating posts and articles for the customer.

Even if you don’t have a knack for writing, it’s not difficult to outsource the content to a third-party while adding your own mark-up. There are many places online where you can get cheap, quality pieces developed. You may even find it useful to hire college students in your home town. Regardless, offering content development services may easily boost the reseller experience.

Social Media Marketing

Because social media is such an important part of online branding, offering services for marketing on platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be a lucrative bonus. This is especially true if you use systems such as Buffer or Hootsuite to manage client profiles. Although this may require a bit of research from yourself to find the best methods, it may still be an attractive service to offer clients.

These are only a few ways that you can boost the reseller experience. Whether you buy domain names that are attractive to sell later or simply want to maintain your own micro-hosting business, it’s all about the services you provide. Explore your potential and discover ways you can offer more to your customers.