How To Find The Right Mix Of Digital Marketing Techniques

As digital marketing campaigns grow in popularity, eager business owners in Toronto can run the risk of jumping on the bandwagon without considering the old adage that quality is better than quantity. While it can be exciting to employ every internet marketing tool that you come across, a campaign has a higher chance of being successful if you pick and choose your tools carefully.

Without discernment, you can have a host of tools that aren’t doing anything for your brand or its services. You can be paying for services that ultimately do nothing to boost your recognition or online presence merely because you didn’t invest in enough research to see if these tools are appropriate for your company and its demographics.


Finding the right balance of marketing tools can be tricky, especially if you’re not totally sure what each of them does or what works best with your target demographic. Are you clients more likely to be engaged on Twitter or Facebook? Should you invest more money in SEO service or traditional media?

These are question best answered by professional marketing consultants who are familiar with the market in Toronto. They use precise analytical tools to distinguish which tools will best suit your brand. By compiling an effective arsenal of online tools, they work to get you fame, found, and fans.

In order to increase brand recognition, nothing will be traditional media as it is the still the biggest driver of online traffic. However, social media is a growing trend for companies to engage with their fans. As it offers a hyper-target medium, you can pursue your exact target demographic; meanwhile, social media encourages sharing between friends, as fellow users follow similar brands as their friends.

Once people know your brand, the next task of your campaign ensures you and your services are easy to find and secure. Pay-Per-Click and SEO services such help your brand come out on top when consumers search for the kind of services that your company provides, guaranteeing that when people use search engines for product information your company will always be in their results.

When people recognize and like your brand, they’ve become your fans. Fans are indispensable when it comes to further advertising, as they’ll always want to tell people (by word-of-mouth or through social media) how much they like your services. By having positive online reviews on sites like Yelp, fans can articulate their appreciation of your services and new clients can be enticed by your review average. Email promotions can help keep your fans connected to you and your special events, driving up traffic and sharing when you have interesting new deals or news.

Not every internet marketing tool is built for your brand, your services, or the particular goals of your marketing campaign. In order to create a balanced campaign, be sure to contact the marketing consultant in Toronto with years of experience. The Marketing Garage studies your brand and consumers using analytical tools to find out which tools will work best for your purposes. They’ll constantly monitor your progress, tweaking any tools to ensure the greatest success. With their help, you have a discriminate and effective marketing campaign.