Hound Application More Smart of Siri and Cortana?

Although sophisticated, application-based personal assistant Siri voice commands like, Cortana, or Google Now does not always managed to capture the user’s words mean. If you have this, usually what the personal assistant can not connect.

hound app assistant

This is what trying repaired by Hound, personal assistant application of SoundHound, among others, known through the product identifier Shazam-style song.

Hound can understand the intent of various kinds of users demand, including complex and delivered in the language of daily conversation. Hound will redefine the way we interact with the device, information, and services.

In a video demonstration – that can be listened to under – Hound able to understand specific complex requests such as “Show me four or five star hotel in Seattle for three days the price per night between one hundred and fifty to two hundred and fifty dollars”, then show the corresponding results.

Secret “intelligence” lies in merging technology Hound voice recognition and natural voice understanding in the engine. Applications other personal assistant usually break down step by translating voice into text, and then try to figure out what he meant.

According to the manufacturer, Hound takes development for nine years to complete all of its functions.

“We believe it will manifest the world we all can talk (with engines) like conversing with other people, and we have been working for nearly a decade to create technologies that embody this view,” said Mohajer.

Different from Siri or Cortana, Hound does not have a “personality”, but only in the form of program that will be able to understand and meet the desires user.

Hound is also connected to the 50 domains or related services that provide information such as the value of the currency, flight schedules, navigation, and news. By comparison, when it was first launched in 2011, Siri is only connected with 10 domains.

Applications Hound temporarily only available in the form of private for Android and iOS platforms. An invitation to try this application can be obtained from the website SoundHound.