Help Your Company Standout with a Charitable Donation

With so many companies now operating across the country, finding a way to make your business standout is sometimes harder than you might think. One way you can show customers that you care about those in need and about your community at large is with a charitable donation. Though some assume this means writing a large check, there are other ways you can help others without reducing your profits. Whether you are a new business owner or an existing business owner, you can help others and encourage your employees to help as well.

Charitable donation

Solicit Donations On-Site

Instead of hosting a fundraiser or a benefit, try asking for donations through your company. If you have a standalone location, you might place glass jars near the registers and encourage cashiers to tell customers about the money you raise and where it will go. You can also launch a contest that awards shoppers a gift certificate to your shop. They pay a small fee for the chance to win. Offering some incentive is a good way to get shoppers to donate more.

Make a Time Donation

Many organizations need volunteers as much as they need money. Instead of reaching for your checkbook, reach for your phone. Ask local organizations about the type of volunteers they need and how you can help. Some organizations require that you go through a training program first, but others let you jump in and start helping right away. You might clean cages and take dogs for walks at the humane society, file paperwork at a cancer organization or work the register at a community thrift store. Talk with your employees about volunteering their time as well.

Donate to a Major Organization

There are a number of organizations and foundations operating in the country today that help a wide range of people and a large group of charities. Making a donation to one of those organizations lets you help more people than you could help on your own. Check out the foundations operated by major business owners and industry experts like Bill Gates and Charles Phillips. Those foundations take the money raised, divide the funds and send donations to multiple organizations across the country. Your donation may go to helping kids who can’t afford school supplies, military men and women stationed overseas and abused pets.

Host a Benefit

When you want to help others in a big way, go all out with your very own benefit. Choose a charity that you like and contact that charity to inform the workers of your benefit. You might throw a charity ball that asks guests to come dressed in their best, host a silent auction filled with things that you and other local business owners donated or even work with your employees to set up a masquerade or costume party.

Whether you have the funds available to make a major donation, or you want to encourage others to donate, there are ways your company can help others.