Have Meizu phone with three OS

When some manufacturers generally only offer two options on the phone OS, the Android and Windows Phone. Meizu is a Chinese company called wanted to give you a choice of three OS as well as for consumers.

Not only that appeal, the phone will reportedly have a name M1 Mini will also be offered at an affordable price. The reason given the designation M1 Mini, because this phone is a mini variant of M1 Note that recently released Meizu.

Unfortunately, so far it remains unclear specification, which spans the width of the new note 5 inch, even though only 4.7 inch screen size. Screen resolution is allegedly HD (1280×720 pixels). Besides M1 Mini also mentioned as being handed 13 MP camera as its appeal.

What is certain from the M1 Mini is going to be three options offered by the OS. The first of course is on top of it runs Android OS Flyme owned Meizu, then Yunos which is filmed Alibaba OS, while the third option is Ubuntu.

Interestingly, with a diverse selection of the Meizu OS still providing affordable prices. M1 Mini is said to be sold around USD 128

With the same price range, the analyst then called M1 Meizu Mini seems prepared to block the rate Redmi owned Xiaomi phone series. However Meizu add to its appeal through the choice of OS is up to 3 variants and 13 MP camera. Jeroannya specification also could be exactly the same as Redmi mobile series.