Group Messaging and Mobile Video new features of Twitter

Twitter has just launched a new feature to add features group messaging and video applications.

Through group messaging features, now the Twitter users can communicate privately with the group.

While the video application, users can directly capture video, edit and share directly from the application Twitter.

Instant messages (private messaging) is the perfect complement to the experience of Twitter who is usually in an open platform. You may choose to read or watch Tweets but talk about the topics personally,

Now, Twitter users can continue a private conversation with a smaller group, or start a group based Tweet what they see.

Many Twitter users use Instant Messaging to reach people and brands that they are connected only on Twitter. At the very least, the ability to communicate in private with a group gives you more options for how and with whom you communicate on Twitter,

Group function allows the user to start a conversation with one of his followers and they do not have to follow each other with each other to chat.

Users can also create groups in just a few clicks and there will be a notification if added to the group.

While the video application, Tweets now no longer limited to 140 characters.

“Twitter you use now rich and immersive, filled with images, gifs, vines, audio and video files from several prominent and most recognizable brands in the world. And starting today, all users will soon be able to seamlessly create, edit and share video directly from the application Twitter, “quoted from the statement Twitter.

Twitter designing a camera that is easy to use application so that users can capture and share the most exciting moments directly.

In just a few clicks, the Tweeps can add video to an ongoing conversation, to share perspectives Tweeps at live events, and shows everyday moments Tweeps directly, without having to leave the application.

Look and play very simple video with a first video preview with thumbnails and you can play with just one click.

Twitter mobile video camera is claimed to be unique because it provides inline editing experience that allows Tweeps capture and share video up to 30 seconds in a heartbeat.

Twitter for iPhone users can also upload their videos from camera roll as well (a feature that will be available on Android as well).