Grid, Application Connector Instagram on Windows Desktop PC

There are many reasons that used the instagram users to upload their photos via a desktop based computing devices. One is to use a third party application named liaison Grid, for PCs with Windows operating systems. Instagram does not facilitate its users to upload photos through desktop PC, but with the help of a grid that allows users to do so.

grid application

After attending to Desktop PC-based Mac OS X, now Grid can be enjoyed for a Windows-based PC users. Nothing was different from both versions, Grid applications can still be enjoyed by users as well as instagram run in the phone directly.

Users can follow other accounts or become a fan instagram account of others, and also still able to receive and send photo comments. In fact, the latest feed or friend request can be done in it directly.

The advantages of Grid for desktop users that allows selecting images and edit them beforehand, before being posted to instagram account directly, and enjoy images on a larger screen.