Great Discoveries In the Medical World

Recent discoveries and sophisticated, it seems not only done to the field of technology and communications alone. It seems like all layers or all jobs anywhere always make the latest breakthroughs in order to advance the field is practiced. We already know that 3D printers used for printing images or whatever in order to produce the best results. Currently the medical world, which always has a duty to provide health care for the sick.

technology in medical

In a website called, a portrait of an illustration of a form of the sternum and the ribs results of a 3D printer prints as well as its placement within the patient’s body

3D printers usually we know, can be used to print objects that have three dimensions also eventually be used in the medical world. One example can be seen, in the latest application. Where the disease involves a man chest wall sarcoma, a disease where the tumor that grows in the infected bone.

First performed by a doctor is a must dissect the man whose 54-year-old, and then after that take the bones of the chest and most of his ribs to prevent tumor that nest there in order not to spread to other places.

As has been summarized by Nextren of Geek, Instead section taken, the hospital has set up an artificial sternum and ribs of printouts of the 3D printer.

Of course, the “bone” is artificial, the printing process is not arbitrary and not arbitrary. Because the author is a company in Australia called CSIRO which wears titanium metal materials as basic materials.

The first step taken towards the patient is to be scanned using CT scan tool to be able to map the structure of the bone in her body. The first step is very important. Why? because each human body must have a body composition different from one another.

Artificial bone also must be adjusted so that later become the truly “fit”. Parts of the body resulting from the mold is called a 3D printer has more advantages over conventional flat plate which is known to loose till-till cause further complications.

The patient himself is reported to have returned home within two weeks after post operation process. Now it may be part of the human body is made with 3D printers are still very unique sound, tidka unusual and extraordinary are beyond reason. In the future, perhaps such a procedure like this would be very unusual, as well as blood transfusions or pull teeth only.