Google Successfully Carries Drone technology is able to fly up to height of 19 Thousand Meters

The rivalry between Facebook with Google often occurs at a time when both want to acquire a company. The phenomenon had appeared at the time managed to buy WhatsApp Facebook, although Google finally refute the news interest in acquiring the company. And now, Google beat Facebook in acquiring drones named Titan Aerospace manufacturers.

Google drone titan aerospace

Google does not disclose the parties in detail how much money they spend to buy the company. But the drone belonged to Titan Aerospace technology will be used to develop the Project Loon. As well as Facebook, which wants to provide internet for the whole world, Google was willing to make this happen with this project.

Not only that, the drone belonged Aerospace Titan can also be used to obtain real time images that can be used for means of Google Maps or other services. Compared to other drones, the production of Titan have the ability to fly at altitudes of up to 65 thousand feet or approximately 19.8 thousand meters.