Google Releases Android for Work

Having introduced the first time at the event in the I / O last year, Android services for Work finally formally introduced by Google. This service is said will help businesses to manage Android-based devices.

android for work

Android for Work aims to simplify the company provides Android-based devices for their employees and make the device more secure.

Android for Work comes with several features. One of them is called Work Profiles. In this mode, all data and applications in the phone can be grouped into two profiles at once, namely personal and business.

Later, IT administrators can manage data and applications are grouped in business profile in the mobile employee. However, IT administrators do not have the right to access the data and applications are grouped into personal profiles, including photos, videos, games, and various other personal data.

All applications that go into business profile will be marked with an icon with the symbol of a suitcase, an object that is widely used to work.

In addition, there is also a feature called Google Play for Work. In this feature, IT administrators can set any application that can be downloaded and used by employees.

Google also provides a variety of business applications for employee productivity. There are e-mail, contacts, and calendar for the company that is not using applications from Google.

To bring this service for Work Android, Google worked with many companies. Some of them are Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Adobe, Box, Salesforce, Cisco, Citrix, BlackBerry, and more.