Google Prohibited Without wheel car Slow

Google car, which can drive itself, programmed to drive up to 16 kilometers per hour over the speed limit.

google smart car

The main engineer who handles software Google car, Dmitri Dolgov, said the vehicle was deliberately designed to match the speed a little faster cars in the vicinity.

If the Google car goes slower, according to Dolgov, it actually creates a danger.

Google already tested prototype feasibility car in a number of roads in the United States, primarily in the State of California. So far, the car has taken at least 483 thousand kilometers on the highway.

The existence of the bubble-shaped car that could only carry two people it was first announced by Google in 2010.

Since its introduction, the features of the car began to arise, among others, have a stop-go button but no control, steering wheel or pedals.

Air technology

Predicate automatic car actually covers a variety of different concepts.

Before the Google car was introduced, the public already know the cruise control switch that regulates the speed at a certain point without stepping on the gas pedal.

Then there is also an automatic braking system that has sensors.

However, all features that require the driver. There has never been a car that is truly fully automated alias perform all functions, including control of steering, shifting gears, stepping on the gas pedal or the brake pedal.

Now, the whole feature was made possible thanks to technologies such as in aircraft autopilot. The most important innovation is Lidar (light detection and ranging). This system touched the reflection of the laser beams so that the mapping millions of points around the car can be recorded every second.

Similar systems are used to create online maps of Google and Nokia.

Other technologies are ‘computer-software vision’ who interpret 360-degree images captured by the camera in the car.

Every object in the path of the car, such as pedestrians, people cycling, to pit road, the device will inform the car’s computer to take action.

The technological sophistication polemical in the community. Whether public willing to cede control steering, accelerator, and brakes to the computer?