Google Now Still Useful Although Offline

In general, we usually find a digital assistant that is in use must be connected with an internet connection so that the required information can be obtained. But what happens when today’s digital assistant equipped with artificial intelligence that is normally accessed online can receive data and execute commands as usual in the offline or without an internet connection?

google now

Google, which is the world’s largest data search company is now reportedly has updated Google Now service digital assistants, in order to receive orders even in the offline state. Commands can be accepted by Google Now when the offline state is indeed less than the online version. However, commands that can run offline version of Google Now is the basic commands are quite functional use.

Although offline, but Google Now without Internet network that can execute commands, among others, can play music, open Gmail, adjust the volume, open applications, send messages, make calls, turn on WiFi and Bluetooth, turn on the flashlight, turn on airplane mode, and dim the display.

To enjoy Google Now feature version of the offline mode, you are required to upgrade to version 5.3 of Google Now and you are required to download additional database file again as big as 18MB. Actually, this feature is only available in the United States alone, but for users outside the country is still able to enjoy this feature by using the English (US) as the default language telephone.

Actually, not Google Now has the ability offline digital assistant for the first time, as is well known that Microsoft’s previous digital assistant that Cortana, can receive orders even in the offline state. Obviously with such offline services is enough to help you when the internet connection was not good and your circumstances that are difficult to access smartphone using fingers.