Google Maps Navigation Now More Practical

Google Maps can actually help you find the route we want to pass if you are experiencing undesirable situations, such as traffic jams were superb.

Google maps

However, have you ever experienced a situation where when you’re going to a destination, suddenly your family asking for help to buy something at the supermarket, and you do not know where the supermarket?

Of course, inevitably you have to open Google Maps and having to retype the destination where you want to search. It definitely take your trip.

Seeing this, Google decided to release updates on the navigation features on Google Maps. The presence of this navigation feature update seeks to help users to no longer bother to type the destination in order to find the best route.

In the next few weeks, the feature will first be launched for Google Maps on your Android device. So, with this update, users can search for these destinations without having to exit the navigation mode.

So, when you’re using Google Maps to navigate toward the house and to buy bread, this is what you need to do: tap the magnifying glass icon in blue on the screen.

You’ll see a menu that might suit your needs at the time, such as gas stations, supermarkets or restaurants.

If the selection in the drop-down menu does not suit your needs at the time, you can change it by tapping the search icon or even easier by using voice commands available on Google Maps.

To be able to enjoy this update, for Android users need to update the Google Maps app first.