Google is feared Build Robot Troops

Google founders Larry Page and Elon Musk is two close friends. Both are equally fond develop things eccentric and has a futuristic vision of the future.

google robot troop

But the pace of technology at Google apparently caused little concern in the hearts of Musk. “I’m really worried about this,” Musk said in a biography about the electric car company Tesla CEO.

“Problem” referred to Musk is the possibility Google will develop a smart robot forces which then could rid mankind of earth.

In view Musk, Larry Page is actually a good guy. But nonetheless remain concerned Musk. “He could have created something evil by accident,” he said.

Despite the technology inventor, Musk is known to have views that tend to be wary of robot development, especially with regard to the field of artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence (AI).

Together with other figures such as Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the founder of Apple Steve Wozniak, and Stephen Hawking, Musk actively voiced their opinions about the potential dangers posed by AI were “too smart”.

“I think we should be very careful with the AI. He could turn out to be the greatest threat to our existence, “Musk said in a symposium at MIT institute of technology, in October last year.

Google itself has so far known to have acquired more than half a dozen manufacturers of robots. But the Internet giant’s final destination remains unclear.