Four Similarities Xiaomi and Google

Only five years standing, Xiaomi has become the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. It seemed to reinforce its ambition to become the number one smartphone company.

xiaomi logo

Although not as big as Google, this Chinese manufacturer apparently has some similarities with the technology giant.

Through interviews with officials Xiaomi, Hugo Barra and Bin Lin, following are some similarities Google and Xiaomi.

1. Do not want to be called maker Xiaomi smartphones

Though has a market share of Chinese smartphone, Xiaomi prefer referred to as a service company rather than the company internet technology devices. The reason, according to Xiaomi President Lin Bin, Xiaomi the future hopes to make money from the technology services, instead of the technology.

This is similar to Google is more accepting of so-called multinational companies and products internet service provider, rather than a search engine company. In fact, many people are even termed “googling” to say “looking for information on google”.

2. Vision Xiaomi next is the “Internet of Things”

In the context of the products, plan ahead Xiaomi is realizing Smarthome, or homes that are all connected object. To realize this, Xiaomi has been invested by the company wearable Misfit.

Vision and Xiaomi steps similar to those done by Google. Last year, Google acquired the company termostrat Nest to realize the strategy of “Internet of Things” in the future.

3. Xiaomi praise, not to compete with Google

“We are a strong supporter of Google,” said Vice President of Xiaomi, Hugo Barra. According to him, did not mean lethal Xiaomi Android platform. Happens, the operating system is very similar Xiaomi MIUI artificial Google’s Android, because it is based on Android. MIUI interface is actually only reconstruct his cell phone, like they do other vendors.

Problem MIUI success in the market, because its claim Barra in accordance with the desired user. However, the latest 6 MIUI Android KitKat, with a working system Android version of Lollipop.

4. Xiaomi has a very active community

Companies that stand in August 2010 has about 40 million active users in the forum. Every day, an average of 500,000 chatter recorded at Mi Chinese forum.

Reportedly, the features available in MIUI bit much coming from a member requests Mi Chinese Forum. It is also similar to Google which has a solid local communities in some areas.