For Alphabet, Google Buy Domains


Alphabet Inc. (Alphabet) has officially become the parent company of Google Inc, following the completion of the restructuring process on October 2, 2015. Therefore, the company requires a series of buzz for its new identity, including domain name or website address.

Despite Alphabet has had domain, Google seems to want to make sure there are no other websites that have a domain with a sequence of letters. Reported that the search engine giant recently bought the entire domain of letters, namely According to reports, Google is currently the owner of the 26 letters of the domain name. which was created in 1999 and owned personally has been transferred to Google, but unknown amount of money that must be issued by the company for that URL.

Google aware of having missed a number of letters in, so Google does not want half-hearted when questioned about the purchase of the new domain.

Despite purchased, is currently inaccessible. When accessed, the written statement “This webpage is not available”.