First Glance SmartWatch display from Asus!

Wearable device market today is quite booming. Various manufacturers of electronic devices was abuzz to release his wearable products, especially in the form of a smartwatch.

First SmartWatch display Asus

Asus launches teaser image of its first smart watches. In fact, the Taiwanese company that not only showcase a glimpse of the view from the smart watch once, but twice.

In the first teaser image, they showed a little less clear view of the screen design of the smartwatch. Furthermore, the second teaser image, they also show, in the form of a less clear and even wears the drawing, the smartwatch intact.

Smart watches it was going to be officially unveiled by Asus on the 3rd of September. Most likely, this smartwatch will use the Android operating system Wear. And about the price, a device that allegedly would wear AMOLED screen is pegged at a price ranging from 99 USD to 149 USD.